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Communication, recruitment, education, exploration, community-building,
administration or self expression: whatever your goals, today a Web site
is almost a requirement. At California Star, the Webmaster provides a variety of web resources to organizations and individuals:

Web publishing -- Information on setting up web publishing accounts as well as cgi is provided upon written request.

Web Page development assistance is offered in a variety of free hands-on workshops on World Wide Web publishing as part of the public service series along with for-credit Web writing & publishing courses.

Page Development
HTML guides and references, basic through advanced, and
web publishing tools available at California Star.

Page Design
California Star graphics & style guides are available upon written request.

California Star tools for processing forms, searching your web site, and
frames issues

Server Utilities
Serving special file types, controlling page access and
security, and using server-side includes.

Working with a UNIX Web Server
All of ISD's Web servers use the UNIX operating system. Web authors
unfamiliar with UNIX are encouraged to take the Adventures in
Information course Essentials for World Wide Web Publishing or consult
the following documentation.

Basic UNIX Commands
Navigate the UNIX file system and create or delete files and

Uploading Files to the Server
Use an FTP client to move files between a Mac or PC and the
Web server.

Setting File Permissions
Make files visible on the Web while protecting them from
unauthorized access.

Web Server Stats
Llinks provide access to statistics about the university's primary Web server


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